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Make-up suggestions
Hi everyone!  

   We are ready to buy some make-up (okay, almost ready - Friday when we get paid!) and wanted some suggestions, please.  We are on a very small fixed disability income ($1025/month), live alone in the Seattle area and don't split bills with anyone.  Obviously, we don't have that much expendable money but trying to save money can cost you more in the end when it turns out to be such low quality that it's useless and you've got to buy better quality, wasting money on the first purchase.  So...any suggestion for economical quality brands?
Ok, I'm definitely still in my own Makeup Journey, but Here are a couple of tips I've gathered:

1.) ELF products are affordable, and last.
2.) Beware of bottles; check the net weight of bottled makeup, often the bottle is deceptively larger than the volume of product.
3.) Skin-tone eyeshadows can be multi-modal! Use it for a bunch of different eye shapes, then accent your brows with it, you can even contour with it! Some pallettes have 6-8 'nude' shades, which if your skin fits that profile, makes it extremely versatile.

Hope this helps!


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