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This it Tiffany. Hello. If anyone wants to comment on my note with similar circumstances or just chat, would be great.  I’m in my mid 50’s and have always considered myself a man. I’m in a 30 year and counting marriage. I started about 40 years ago secretly playing with enemas. About 10 years ago I started experimenting with plugs much to my pleasure still secretly. I saw F1nn5ter on the net and thought maybe CDing would be fun.  I think it looks interesting and fun to have boobs of your own. My experiences have always been hetero and I can’t imagine not always enjoying lady parts. I have worn the occasional stockings and bra in the bathroom. I have recently started to watch gay porn and wonder if it is that much better than a toy. If I can schedule travel to Janet’s, I think it would be fun to do a transformation visit. Maybe I’m just have a mid life crisis. Who knows. Anyway gurls, that’s a quick note on me. Have a wonderful day. 
(09-07-2022, 09:05 AM)Tiffany Wrote: I should also say maybe I’ve been out of sorts for a reason and this is my new path. If anyone has a similar story or some advice, I’d appreciate a conversation. 
Welcome to the forum Tiffany! Though many, most actually of us start CDing early some do get bitten much later in life. I have one good friend who is now a confirmed CDer who started at 59!
I also consider myself hetro and have been married for over 30 years myself and my wife knows about my dressing up. It seems once this gets into you there is no going back, though the desire does seem to wax and wane, but generally gets stronger the older we get.
The other confession of sorts, is I've never been to Janet's, but I have heard many good things about them and they are used to new people who come into the store to get transformed.
I would suggest that since you like the feeling of boobs, once you got fully transformed and with silicone forms which feel and bounce much like the real thing you will be seriously hooked.

Though I'll confess I've had offers, never have I had sex with a man, but those who have say it is so much better than using toys, no matter how good they are.
PM me anytime if you want to chat off of the forum.
Welcome to the forum as well!
Hi Tiff

I too have been involved in some form of dressing since my early teen years, and maybe even earlier. I'm also in my 50s, married, and she knows and is supportive. I am attracted to women but am equally attracted to cross-dressers and trans. In my mind it boils down to the fact I love and am attracted to femininity, regardless of the gender expressing it.


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