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First time outside
Well I finally took a chance while on a business trip for work and took some clothes with me. I got up some liquid courage and dressed up in my hotel room, including first time doing makeup (I’m not that great at it yet). Well about midnight I decided to walk through the lobby and outside. A few people were walking around town. One guy even complemented my dress. I said thank you.  I wanted to go to a bar and sit down but did not have the guts, being alone. I did check out some bars during the day and they did not feel like a comfortable location so I passed. The town was pretty quiet after midnight so the next night I found an alternate way in and out of the hotel so I went put 2 more times the next night. Very exciting and a little nervous. If my makeup was better I may have been more adventurous. I still have to hide dressing from my wife but I do enjoy it when ever I can do it.  More adventures to come (I hope). Also looking to meet others in Michigan for friendship and support. It’s scary thinking I’m alone doing this but then I see all the pictures here and know I’m not alone. Traci
I used to do the exact same thing. When I should travel for work, half the suitcase was for my guy side and half was for Tara, who always needed more room :-)

Sounds like a great start! Going out is so exciting but scary and somehow very addictive!
Certainly you are not alone! Either in your dressing or going out femme. Makeup takes some time and lots of practice. I've had a few makeovers and a partial lesson at MAC which helped me learn a lot.
Lots of you tube as well, but being an older girl my skin is not the same as the young beauties who seem to be giving the lessons!
You don't her single. ANYTIME you want you can share with us. Live your life doing what you love, no matter what anyone says. Wish you happy! flappy bird

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