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shy crossdresser opening up
Hello all, I am a 30 year old crossdresser who goes by Katie and lives in OR at the moment. I have had this interest since I was very young and exploring it has been a slow and difficult process. I want to make up for lost time and have decided to make this the year where I stop worrying about what everyone thinks and to live how I want to without regrets. Being closeted and pretending to be like other men has disrupted my life greatly and I don't want to have it be a burden anymore. 

Sorry for venting, but I rarely get an opportunity to do so. I want to say I am so grateful for this website and places like it (I must admit mostly Amazon before recently.) I am far above average height and size, so finding clothes is extremely difficult and I love that there are so many places tailored to my body. I have learned a lot and gotten some nice supplies as well and I hope to continue to expand my every growing arsenal of fabulousness. Reading different forums and experiences of all different kinds from non-conforming individuals has given me the courage to not be ashamed, and to even embrace myself. I have discovered that pink is my absolute favorite color (although I am also interested in a goth-type look with spikes and everything.) Here is to all of us and hope everyone can make the best out of this year.

-Love, Katie 
  Heart Heart Heart
Welcome to the forum Katie.
From my point of view, the venting is just fine, it's something most likely all, of us go through. Having to hide this, trying to fit in with other guys but never really doing so.

I'm glad you have broken free and are now able to let the woman inside of you out. It depends on the country and area you are in but there is so much more acceptance of this now but of course some pockets of resistance here and there remain.

If you want to chat about any of this stuff you may PM me.

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