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My introduction?
Hi all.. I’m Shelley.. like everyone at one at some point, I’m new here. A little about me…. Hmmm.. I do what I do because I’m beautiful. My favorite this is when the real me gets to come out into the world and play. I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met so far on my journey. You’re all wonderful, accepting, cheeky, fun and very very encouraging. The only pity is that I waited so long to be here.. free. In it, I think I’ve found the greatest love of my life.. Me!!   
Lol.. look at the time!!! Omg!!!!! Let the shopping begin!!!  More hangers please!! Lol
Welcome Shelley! I too hid in the closet far too long and let decades go by before I finally was able to be like you, free, and as beautiful as an older chick can be.

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