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Amy's Drag Show Debut.
   I had mentioned a little while ago I was scheduled to do a live performance at a local bar which often has a drag show.

 Now, like so many things good and bad, my much anticipated performance is now part of history. I'm attaching a link to the video my daughter made of it. Her and her hubby were there plus a few friends. My daughter had been having a very stressful week but coming out to the show relaxed her which was great to hear. It also helped that she got complimented on her sequin top (guess liking sequins runs in the family) and someone wanted to trade her shoes!

 When we unloaded the keyboard and all the related things I realized I was missing the sustain pedal, that is what holds the notes and stops the dampers from muting the note when the key is lifted, not everything needs to be sustained, but it's really needed for this piece! After a frantic phone call to my son, he said, yes it's right here. Now we are about an hour's drive each way, but my son in law had just arrived, so he and my son met halfway. It wasn't the greatest start to my debut, and I was trying to be so organized too!
 Thank heavens for my great family!
 However that put me at the end as we couldn't be sure quite when the needed gizmo would arrive. There were 10 other performers scheduled, then with one more right after me. The last one was the manager of the bar did drag for the first time there. He usually looks like a regular guy! But don't we all when we are in drab.

 The sound system they put me through wasn't the greatest either, lots of distortion which sounded to me like I was playing wrong notes, but I wasn't (well there were a couple, but not those ones, lol). Plus I was terrified but got into the zone as I went along.
 The audience was great I thought. They got into it, as you can hear them singing along, and you can see my good friend Dee, the underworked (and underpaid) page turner shushing people! I actually thought it was cool when I heard people singing along, as that means I must have been doing something right. But they weren't obtrusive either. Anyone who has done any live shows knows how audiences can vary!
 Later I got so many compliments which felt great, as I know I could have played better.
 At the end of it all I was on a high which lasted a couple of days. Which means I might have to do this again!

 I might do a better version at home on my piano and post it when I get the chance, but for now here's this one, a kind comment would be nice, if you can.

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