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Getting started
So I have decided it's time to start doing my makeup. I'm a little familiar with the process, having a theater background and watching 2 wives. That said, I still need help.

I have been to Sephora with my wife and noticed that their in store advertising posters include men wearing makeup. So I figure they would be trans/cross dresser friendly. I'm hoping for some advice on products. But, they are sort of expensive.

Have also been to Ulta. Are they a good choice? Are they accepting of us guys as well?

I figure I will go dressed as a woman. Would that help you think? Any thoughts from you all would be appreciated. 

I know Janet's does make overs but I'm looking for a closer option.

You can call me Taylor
Taylor, I have no personal experience with Ulta though I suspect they would be accepting as well. I've had good experiences at Sephora, MAC and our local drug store, Shoppers Drug Mart, which is in Canada only I think.

Going in dressed is likely a good thing though I've shopped in boy and girl mode at all of the above and they don't seem to treat me any different.
The level of acceptance I've found is amazing and they've always been very helpful. Though I love MAC and Sephora they are expensive, but Sephora I find has such a huge number of products it is very confusing!

One curious incident at a Sephora store a few years ago I'll relate here. I was working on a Cleopatra costume for Halloween and was trying to find makeup for it. So, my wife and I went into Sephora as I'd seen a number of products on their website, and asked a young lady staffer about what I wanted. She didn't know and went to get someone else, and explained what we wanted. This young lady turned away from me and towards my wife and started talking to her about the makeup. My wife didn't say a thing, after about a minute I interjected and said "By the way, to be clear this makeup is for me". This disconcerted her which I was quite surprised at, then regained her composure and we continued!
In the end I got what I needed to do the Cleopatra makeup!


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