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This is kind of a silly story, but true. I get out at least one weekend a month as Suzy. A couple of years ago, as I normally do I rented a room at a hotel in Detroit and got all dolled up in a mini skirt, tight blouse to show off my breast forms from Janets, high heels and did my makeup and went to Gigi's on a Saturday night. Gigi's is a local bar with drag shows and has lot's of transgender customers. Usually they play loud and fast music in the bar. Suddenly they played a slow song and this man asks me for a dance! I was very flattered and said sure! He took me in his big arms and we had a very nice dance. I am hetero, but when I am presenting as a woman, I must say I was attracted to him. It made me feel so feminine to dance with a man. After the dance he bought me a drink, we talked for a bit and then he gave me a big kiss! We then parted ways, but I felt like a princess.
Anyhow, just thought I would share - hugs, Suzy
Suzy, Your story is so true, dancing is so much fun, expecialy when you are in the arms of a man. I feel so sexy and feminine when a man is holding me tight, running his hands over my lycra mini skirt clad ass, such a turn on. When a man looks into your eyes and you can see he wants you and you go to him and let him kiss you deeply, you feel what it's like to be a woman. Its not about being hetro, I consider self a lesbian, but when a man comes to me and treats me like a woman, I find myself being seductive with my femininity and letting one kiss move to the next and .....
Would love te see you at Gigi's sometime, maybe we could share a room to get ready and help each other with our makeup and hair, paint each others nails, Girl stuff and go out on the town,
XOXO, Kelli

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