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Beauty contest!
Hi ladies - well it's been kind of quiet on the forum so I thought I would share another goofy experience I have had while crossdressing. About 15 years ago I moved here to Michigan. I didn't know anyone so I joined a crossdressing support group here called Crossroads. They would have monthly meetings and have topics on fashion, makeup, social issues, etc. One summer they had a picnic meeting at one the girls house out in the country. Great secluded place with a pool. At the event they were going to stage a beauty contest! That sounded fun to me so I entered the contest, bought a cute one piece bathing suit, put on my makeup and high heels and walked the deck! There were probably about tennothe girls in the contest as well. Guess what, I won the contest! I was awarded with a beautiful pair of heart shaped earrings. It was so much fun, there were even a few men there who gave me appreciative nods. I have not attended a Crossroads meeting now for a number of years, but if anyone needs some support, contact them. A simple google search should get you to their site.
Hugs, Suzy
Hi Suzy, I attended a few Cross Roads meetings as well when I first started to venture out as Kelli. It was fun to be with all the other girls. We should try to get Janet to have an open house after hours gathering for all the girls to stop in and meet and try on shoes, outfits, hair and makeup, like we can ever have enough.
xoxo, Kelli <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->
If you scroll down on our main menu at, we have now added a link to Crossroads MI's official website!

We have also added "Arlene's Corner" ... a great, informative blog full of resources, experiences and advice!

Hopefully, we help a lot of people with these newly added features of our site!

Thank You For Contributing,

Janet's Closet IT Manager.

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