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Sorry about the incredibly late response. I'm new here and having browsed the forum more thoroughly now I've found this thread. I have a pair of. 8 inch platforms. Difficult at first yes. But now I'm better. My advice is- first of all put them on and just stand in them for a while. Let your feet get used to the position and your legs used to the strain.

    If you throw them on and immediately start walking around, your ankles won't be able to compensate and you'll turn them. I know because it happened to me. So I just stood for a while. Then they felt like they were part of my leg and actually I didn't even notice.
Secondly, walk on firm surfaces- tile, hardwood, cement. Anything with no give is much easier and safer. Carpeting gives and can cause imbalance and make people more prone to fall. Also learned from experience!
And finally- it's not a marathon or a race! Take small steps at first, and only take 10-15 steps at a time. Learning to walk in heels that high is like learning to walk for the first time all over again. You aren't expected to throw these shoes on and go run a mile. Quality over quantity. And eventually you'll be gliding in them. I'm by no means an expert, but this worked for me. Good luck everyone!
Rachael Heart Smile  

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