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I love cross-dressing. My wife was ok with it for a short time. Then one day she told me that she married a man not a women. My heart sunk. I did not know what to say at first. Was my marriage over. So I said I will stop and put it all away and not cross-dress anymore. Wow I was crushed I needed to hide my feelings. Is it worth it to hide who I am. To save my marriage it was. Now I met someone online and I go to his house we get dressed up play cards talk and I feel safe there so much so I get dressed at home and drive over with my street clothes over my gurl clothes. Then out of the blue he tells me that it is over. We are friends still but we don't dress up anymore. Now I 'm back to hiding again. Well that's ok at least I had a safe place to go and dress like a gurl for a bit. For that I am grateful we met and who know's he might change how he feels and let me still dress up when I drop by.
Hello Sindy!
Welcome to the forum!  Cool 

I agree with Colleens' questions... at least in terms of trying to understand and possibly to offer some sort of tangible support.

Having said that... I will go out on a bit of a limb here. Not knowing your orientation, and not necessarily needing to, the question in my mind is this... have you sought out any LGBT communities in your locality? You don't have to be gay/lesbian or even bi.... but since you CD I would have to think that you would more likely align with the transgendered community... we come in all flavors. Some are straight... in that they prefer and are attracted to the softer feminine form and some are gay... prefer men and want to be themselves a feminine personna... and several other distinctions that are frequently discussed at most LGBT meetings. 

So, if you are looking for a way to express your femininity and do so among trusted, like minded friends. I would encourage you to seek out your local group. Most have frequent outings and gatherings and events and they are generally quite a blast. Also, a safe haven is provided as well. You can even attend the meetings in either your male or fem form. 

If you live anywhere near Janet's Closet, I would encourage you to ask someone there what they may offer, as I have seen events posted there.

I hope that this offers some measure of support/help. Please feel that you can ask me anything. Not sure if I will always have 'the' answer... but rest assured... I can/will offer 'an' answer.  Wink 


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