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Help Finding Online LGBT Communities To Meet Make Friends
This is a good site, lots of information, and it covers a wide spectrum of cross-gender issues:
#12 or
@Karen Brad:

Thanxs for sharing the information. One of these days, if i ever get any free time, i will check out these sites. But WHAT IS IMPORTANT is that other gurls know about it, NOT just myself. On behalf of gurls in the gurl community whom find this information you have posted interesting/helpful, thanxs!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1463]
Princess Tiffany is not just my name, but is 2 within 1. "Princess", 1 of 2, is the little girl within me. "Tiffany", 2 of 2, is the woman within me. And these 2 reside within 1 as my guyself, Mr. X, equals 3.
Unfortunate that some sites don't get updated. On the Tri-ess site-no indication that the alpha-zeta chapter in my area was defunct. No meetings in sev yrs. But site gives impression that the chapter was active. Sad In my case, still looking for groups that I could get to, that are non-transitioners like myself. So Not into the sex stuff. Hafta keep looking. Toni G..

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