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Hi everyone. I'm new to Janet's but not new to cross dressing. I am 29, I never picked a name. I'm a closet dresser, dressing in private right? been experimenting with it since I was 9 or 10. I used to try my mothers clothes when I was home alone. I'm sure many of you can relate to starting like that. It was always difficult for me growing up because I was very "masculine" I played football and I lifted weights (I still do) and I was a big kid. I was fat and my mother and sister were thin. And it wasn't like I could be like- hey, could you buy some bigger clothes for me to wear?? Honestly, I thought I was weird. Like what's wrong with me? I remember the first time I completely dressed up. I put on a blue velvet gown and black opera gloves. Tan colored stockings and black 5 inch platform sandals. I loved it and I was hooked for life. I love heels! It's my weakness. I love the sound of them, the clicking off the ground. I am 5 10'. And 240. I move well in heels for a bigger guy. So I am thrilled to find somewhere that has clothes that will fit me. I've worn everything over the years. While I don't dress up in public, sometimes I wear pantyhose under my jeans.
Welcome PDW86
Hope you can spend some time here and chat with all the Girls. We all had doubts about who we are. Even me. But being here has given me strength that I had never felt before. When you feel more comfortable here and if you want you can share some of your outfits with us.I'm sure other Girls would love to see them.

Sindy xoxoxo

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