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First time on this site
Hello,  I am new to this site and a new customer with Janet's Closet..
I have only been cross dress, well not really cross dressing, Just wearing panties and stockings, for several years and loving it.. I happen to try on a bra that my girlfriend left and my place and I stuffed it with socks and I liked the felling and looks the way it pushed out my t shirt.  But I missed the way a hard nipple makes a top stick out. So I thought I would see what I could do to fix this. I happen to find this site while surfing the web.  I must have spent two hours looking at everything Janet had on line.  I got very excited and immediately placed and order. I selected  a Gaff, a new garter belt with G string, a couple of  see through pocket bras (one black and one white) and some 44C breast forms.  I received my order in 2 days.  I was very impressed with the items I received.
My one mistake when I went to try everything on, was I should have put the gaff on first.  Instead, I put the black pocket bra and the new 44C breast forms on first.  Then I had so much trouble getting the gaff to hide my cock and balls.  My mistake.  Being so new this, I having fun learning.  Wish there was someone close that enjoyed have a girl friend  to share experiences with.  I am a closet CD'er now and loving it.  I enjoy hearing from others with tips and sharing experiences...I have been wearing my new bra and breasts for several hours and find them so comfortable, and I am still hard.
Hello Stilloverwhelmed,

Welcome! I have been a closet CD'er for several decades. Yeah, I'm a walking/talking fossil LOL! I am, just within the past year, beginning to venture out. It is a whole new phase that I am loving. I have been to Janets now 4-5 times and each visit has been a real rush. 

So glad you joined our group. I look forward to hearing more about you. Have you given thought to a fem name?

Nicole  Heart
Welcome Stilloverwheimed
Hope to see you here more often

Sindy XOXOXO  Heart

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