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Hello Janet
Hello everyone. I promised myself to be more aggressive this year than in the ten years prior. I dress about once a month ... and when it's dark, I drive around a bit. I bring the closet outside with me. I'm thinking of going to Janet's for a make-up lesson. I'm still somewhere between Cabaret and Night of the Living Dead. I'm 5'10" and around 148. Forty something but look younger than the age. Clean living, plenty of exercise and wine does the trick. I would love to go out with some girls one night to a quiet lounge for drinks in a dimly lit corner. Old hat for some of you I imagine ... but a bit of jumping the Jerico wall for me. But it's my goal. Hope to meet some of you sometime ... who knows. Ready for Make-Up !!. Regards, Rita
I have reported the above from James A as spam content.  Please, I encourage everyone else who views this thread to do the same.  Just click on the report button in the lower right hand of the posted comment by James A.  A window will pop up that allows you to choose the intrusion (spam in this case) and then just click send.

Hi Rita,
I'm in the Milwaukee area but I hope you are able to find someone to join you.  Have a great time and enjoy your makeover.
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Knock wood, I've never had a bad experience when oot & aboot as Jodie.

In fact, I've encounter nothing but positive vibes. Smile

But, there are different attitudes in different parts of the world, so always be aware of where you are, and be safe!
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