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Hello everyone
Hi, I'm a new customer of this site. Aside from trying on panties and stockings, I have no real CD experience. Many fantasies, just never acted on them. I recently ordered an outfit from here which includes a wig, boots, dress, stockings and panties. I can't wait for it to arrive to begin my journey. I could never be "passable," but so want to learn about this lifestyle. I'm hoping to find a supportive community here to share with and learn from.
Welcome! You'll find many of us have plenty of CD experience to go around. Good luck on your journey and hope to see some pictures! Again , welcome and enjoy!
Rachael Heart Smile  
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I think that you will find plenty of forum support here. No matter where you find yourself in your personal journey, know that you are not alone. All of us are on a similar journey.

Don't be a stranger and if there are questions you might have, just ask. Someone here will be glad to share with you.

Nicole  Cool 

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