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Hi Everyone, I am an almost lifelong crossdresser. Remarried 5 years ago to a new and understanding wife. I live at home full time efemme. I do most of our grocery shopping dressed in a skirt or dress. I am actually the wife in our household. I dont go to work or family functions dressed though.I just watched your video on breast form adhesive and remover and wanted it right away. I am going away this weekend fullydressed for 3 days and I cant wait to try it.

WOW, I have just been looking over the store. I am amazed by the selection of products and the reasonable prices. I may be in trouble now I have found this site. LOL I have been a Suddenly Fem customer but they are very pricy. This store is great.

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(03-15-2016, 08:53 AM)Colleen Wrote: Hi Mike (or should I call you Michelle?),

Welcome Michelle to the forum and I hope you enjoy your participation and sharing with the other forum members, many of whom are just beginning their journey, as you may have read if you have spent any time perusing the forum's postings. Nicole and I are probably the most senior 'girls' on the forum, but I think you may even have us covered age and experience wise.  Big Grin
I have been CD for over 30 years and dress most of the time at home in 'Colleen' mode as you do and I have been putting myself out there for many years, particularly at social functions with my CD & LBGT friends, with some of my most recent activities highlighted throughout the forum postings.  Tongue
With your vast experience I hope that you will become a regular contributor and offer support and encouragement to the other 'girls' as some of us more experienced 'ladies' endeavour to do whenever appropriate.
I have shopped at JC's on-line for sometime from overseas and I hope that you are able to extend your wardrobe and 'fem' items using JC's excellent service. The range of items available to myself is increasing as I loose weight and my body shape changes which is a pleasurable experience.
I like you have an understanding partner which makes 'fem' life so much easier.  Heart
I'm not trying to be smart or derogatory, but you still scrub up well in your attached photo for someone of your age! Was this photo page part of a specific publication?  Rolleyes
If you wish to communicate privately and specifically with one of us 'girls', you can send a PM which you can do from your User CP or the 'girls' profile page.

Once again welcome Michelle and I hope to read and see much more of your story on the forum. I hope that you will find the time and motivation to become a regular contributor.

In the meantime, enjoy your shopping at JC's!!!  Smile


H & K
Thanks for getting back to me so soon. You may call me Michelle.
Hello Michelle,
We hope you enjoy your time here we look forward to hearing more about you and see your fem style in pictures I am sure all the girls here would love to see them.

XOXOXO   Heart  

Sindy   Heart  Heart

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