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How I Was Introduced to CD'ing
I was a typical 60+ year old guy who had been going to BDSM mistresses for about 20 years to get a dose of teasing, torment and cruelty from time to time. I always enjoyed these sessions, but nothing like the day a I went back to a Pro Mistress for a session and jokingly, she asked me if I had ever dressed as a woman. I told her not since I was a teen and tried on my mom's bra. She then "hooked me up" by my leather collar to an overhead winch and began to put me into a bra (with forms), panties, garter belt, nylons. Then she attached my leather cuffs to each other behind my back and had me sit at her makeup table, facing away form the mirror, while she applied makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, and several wigs until she found one that she liked. Only then was I permitted to see what I looked like and WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes!

They she applied stick-on nails and painted them bright red to match my lipstick, dressed me in a pencil skirt and bulky sweater and about 1" heels. After having me practice my walk and having me read to her in a falsetto voice, she said, "common, girlfriend, we're going out!" So we did, going to a drag bar inhabited by all sorts of CD'ers and Trannys as well.

This was a really profound experience for me and I have been hooked on crossdressing ever since.
Where did this happen. I would so do this.
Wow how amazing
I've never heard of that reason before .
Well worth the money!! A dream come true--lucky you.
I would so do this.

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I was a curious 12 year old male. When I was 12, I went into my parent's bedroom. I opened my Mother's lingerie drawer. I took off my boy clothes and tried on a bra and girdle. I instantly enjoyed it. From then on I was hooked on wearing feminine clothing. I have dressed off and on over the years. I consider myself a cross dresser and hope to improve upon my appearance.
sounds like a fun session
At 61 I'm losing the weight I've carried for years,40+lbs, and the clothes have saved are paying off, like they say, shopping from the other side of your closet. Have to learn new dress sizes how fun Suzie
sounds like great fun What an introduction to CDing. May be I should start seeing a mistress

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