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How I Was Introduced to CD'ing
Hi SubDon,

I would love to be able to go out… but with a group and to and 'appropriate' club for an evening! I would need help with makeup aa I am still quite inexperienced as I just do not go out. I have all the proper outer and under clothing and I can get around quite nicely in my 3" heels.
My hair is not the best… but for an evening, it should be adequate.

Excellent! Really an eye opener. I have many years experience in he adult industry in New York City. Some of the places my x-partner and I owned had various 'VIP' clientele that reminded me of the OP in this story. A typical middle aged 40-late 50's white male seeking that ultra taboo fetish fix with a Dominatrix, etc.

I have been acquainted with many, but some of the most unique and real Mistresses that are into the true fetish of flipping a straight male are Asians. Especially the Southeast Asian female.

I am opening a resort in Palm Springs that is better than a 4 million dollar venture. I already have 2 Asians females that are absolute experts at flipping a male and the BEST PART is they love it. They are truly into it and they do it all from the speech, to the dress to teaching how to be a female that services. They are not fake and they are beyond hot.

There is just something about being under a spell of a female, standing in 6 inch heels with all her make up on, explaining how you are really a girl inside a male's body and how she will flip you to a female. I will stop here, but it is 1,000% true! Thanks.
(11-03-2014, 05:21 PM)deannam Wrote: I was a curious 12 year old male. When I was 12, I went into my parent's bedroom. I opened my Mother's lingerie drawer. I took off my boy clothes and tried on a bra and girdle. I instantly enjoyed it. From then on I was hooked on wearing feminine clothing. I have dressed off and on over the years. I consider myself a cross dresser and hope to improve upon my appearance.

That is exactly my story except I didn't have to open the drawer as my Mother's bra and panty girdle were hanging to dry in the bathroom along with some nylons.  Then I just had to trick her into suggesting that I dress up as her for Halloween a few months later.  It wasn't hard and I have always believed that she already knew that I had been trying on her clothes since I couldn't have been very good at putting them back exactly as they were.
Very nice beginning.
I too started dressing from my mother's lingerie drawer, as we girls mostly do, but in the process of changing jobs in the early 1990's I responded to an advertisement in the Columbus Dispatch by a person who identified herself as "Divine". She offered, for a relatively small fee, to transform males into the woman of his dreams. I probably availed of her services 3-4 times where she asked what I would like to dress in as she had an extensive wardrobe. She did a nice job on make up and provided a wig too. I do remember vividly the black maid's outfit with black fishnet stockings supported with a very sexy garter belt. She would take 2-3 polaroid pictures to take away. I also remember that she had quite large breasts which were off limits if one wanted repeat sessions.
Wow....what an incredible and exciting way to discover that you love to CD.   My intro was by trying on my wife's underwear, bras, panties and things just took off from there.    My intro is boring compared to yours!!!  Big Grin 
Love and respect,
It sounds exciting!

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